FAQ – Night Golf

Are Night Golf events available for public play?

Yes. Nitelinx reserves dates at various golf club facilities that are open to the public. Please go to the Events page to see where and when you can join a Night Golf event.

Can a beginner golfer play Night Golf?

Yes. In fact a more relaxed and fun atmosphere during night play takes the pressure off players to perform in front of others.

What if I've never played golf before?

New golfers will find a fun and casual atmosphere at our driving range events where they can try the sport for the first time before booking at one of our on-course events.

How can I find the golf ball at night?

Participants at Night Golf events will be playing with an LED golf ball, which is very bright. It’s actually much easier to find an illuminated ball at night, then a regular golf ball during the day.

How does an LED golf ball perform, when compared to a regular golf ball?

An LED golf ball travels about 15% less then most regular golf balls so add an extra club.

How long does an LED golf ball stay lit?

An LED golf ball lights-up at impact and stays lit for 8 minutes. Total lifetime of the golf ball is about 40 hours.

How can I see where other players are at night?

Each participant at a Night Golf event is provided with LED lights that can be clipped onto hats and shirts so they can be seen from hundreds of yards away.

Can I book a private Night Golf event?

Yes. Please contact us to book a date and host your own event.

How Does the Night Golf System Work?

Using state of the art LED lighting technology, Nitelinx’s Night Golf System illuminates Tee Blocks, Hole Signs, Bunkers, Hazards, Water Hazards, Fairway Boundaries, Fairway Yardage Markers, Greens, Flags and additional signage directing players from one hole to the next.

Where can Night Golf System be set up?

The Night Golf System can be set-up at any golf facility, from driving ranges and chipping greens to executive par 3’s and 7,500 yard championship courses.

What if I don't have Clubs?

Rental clubs are available at all events.

Is it only at driving ranges?

No. We also do 9 and 18 hole events as well as custom layouts.